replica CARTIER SANTOS 100 CARBON watches

The idea that cheap Cartier watches wants to publish these main contents in ADLC has inspired our interest, and now we have the opportunity to spend some time with Santos 100 Carbon. The results of it? In fact, what do you expect? Classic, stylish but sporty alternative to Cartier’s average idea. All in all, I’m glad to see Cartier release such parts, so let’s take a moment to review it.

Cartier originally launched Santos 100 with a black carbon surface in 2009. This variant provided a total of three years before it disappeared into relative darkness. It seems that his days are over, and this illegal work has already abandoned the more common stainless steel models. But this year, perfect Cartier watches announced that it will re-release the product despite its internal work and redesigned baffles.
The previous model was equipped with a brushed titanium bezel, while the case used a stainless steel bezel and the entire ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) case. ADLC has many properties on PVD coatings, none of which advertises as loud as increased scratch resistance. Either way, this is not your average replica Cartier watches. In this case, this is a very good thing.
Cartier Santos 100 Carbon can be used for larger Santos cases and measures 51.1mm x 41.3mm. I don’t think this is a crazy line, assuming someone looking for a dark version might like the bigger size. All the usual Cartier equipment is on board, including a multifaceted blue synthetic spinel above the top of the tower. However, under the sapphire crystal mirror, the black dial replaced the normal white dial, so the work continued the darkness and brought the whole package together. The bold white Roman numerals fill the edges, if you want to know, yes, even the screws on the bezel are ADLC-coated.
As I mentioned earlier, one of Cartier’s other changes to this version is internal movement, in this case 1847MC. This is a welcome upgrade, just like the 2009 ETA 2892 dynamic model, which modified perfect Cartier watches and named it Cartier Calibre 049. Cartier was criticized for not integrating his internal actions into multiple collections, so for Santos 100, retaining 1847MC is a natural progression. At a rate of 4 Hz, the movement’s power reserve was 42 hours and demonstrated Cartier’s commitment to strengthening its manufacturing movement.

So what does it look like? In my opinion, it is very smooth, but it is clear that some enemies will complain about them. One thing I usually like about Cartier is the clean, white, readable dial. Making a dark turn does not contribute to this readability, and the Cartier Santos 100 Carbon retains this classic Cartier atmosphere. Although this is a simple attempt to attract young viewers, and I am very good with this style of long-term fans, I have to say that it works.
The origin of this clock can be traced back to 1904 when Albert Santos Dumont requested a watch that would allow him to determine the flight time. When the design itself has nothing else, serious legacy problems will arise. Of course, it is a pleasure to see replica Cartier watches implement its internal movement, but such works have always been for design, not what it promotes. If you want to know what a more traditional model is, we have tested Santos 100 with a gold frame here.
Another departure from the standard is the soft black calfskin strap, which helps provide a more sporty image. This work is not suitable on a typical conveyor belt, so the entire package can even reach the stainless steel ADLC clasp on the strap.
Although this is not your regular Cartier, it must be noted that if you have not completed it, running the watch in ADLC or similar will reach the saturation point. Despite this, it added a touch of fresh air to the series, which still proves to be chic and allows you to enjoy the special design of the perfect Cartier watches Santos 100.