cheap TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph watches

The A55 anniversary was not celebrated in the traditional sense, but this did not stop with the use of buy TAG Heuer watches to commemorate the latest addition to this, probably about watching races in the twentieth century, and the main collection of Carrera in the history of the brand. But do not worry too much about the significance of the anniversary. Hesitating to commemorate the Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 16 chronograph is definitely worth the effort to release, one of our favorite so far-looking dancefloors.

Since Jean-Claude Biver took charge of TAG in 2015, the brand has sent the production away from its mechanically high timepieces (think of the Mikrogrider?), Its core activities on watches in the range of CHF 2,000-6,000 again and an audience of 18-35 year-olds (hence the connected watch and brand ambassadors like Cara Delevingne). High-quality watches are not abandoned at TAG, but the pricing policy remains aggressive. The Tête de Vipère, for example, is a very sophisticated Tourbillon chronograph with a Besançon stopwatch certification and the price tag under CHF 20,000 places it as the most affordable complication of this type on the market.

Now you can remove all normal equivalents, because on the 55th anniversary there has to be something that applies to Carrera. Such as ‘photos are not fair’, ‘wearing is lower than the specifications’, and the classic ‘higher than the weight hit’ works well here. Especially for the last buy TAG Heuer watches because of the many modern conditions cool textures, bevelled edges and contrasting edges. These prices are not common in this price range and are always the highest level of handheld devices. Everything is a bit more subtle than the more confident Cal. 16 Carrera Day / Date, not only because of the size of 43 mm, but also has many preferences.

Then the format – at 41 mm, a relatively short back-to-ear measurement and a thin circumference are all we hope for in the Autavia Heritage in 2017. Finally, although the price is always subjective and controversial, the $ 4,350 receives all external decorations, but it will still be $ 1,000. Compared with Autavia, which is equipped with its own mechanism 01. The Chrono Caliber 16 can not have the same internal effect, but it has long been proven that this is a very successful clone with the ETA 7750, so that is it.
If there is one watch that everyone associates with car racing, it is the Heuer Carrera. The Carrera is named after the Carrera Panamericana – a grueling and dangerous 3,000 km race along the Mexican part of the Pan-American Highway – and has been the cornerstone of the brand since 1963. Designed by Jack Heuer, who has inherited the obsession of his great-grandfather to atomize time in ever-smaller particles and measures it accurately – you can use this quote to describe a chronograph to excel in high society – the Carrera was born from his passion for motorsport. He made his decisive step into the world of car racing in 1964 and established the brand as a reference for the watch of numerous racing events around the world. The Carrera has been specially designed to bring the speed and emotion of the racetrack to car enthusiasts and drivers.

Covered with matt blue or black, in contrast with white subdiałami, cream and red light or orange accent, the 55-year-old Carrera breaks the “tri-color” principle, but beware – the rules are simply broken, right? It is just here to work – just like the 2013  copy TAG Heuer watches which is an unmistakable trick, but even more convenient. This is a watch that requires only a little personality in a brown leather band of Barron chocolate, or something that has lighter shapes – such as caramelized caramel scrubs.
The end result is a young, but very worn, sports watch that does not take your year code seriously, in stark contrast to the busy hypermodern Cal. Carrera currently offers. This is also a good compromise between the Autavia last year and last year, when it was guided by the more serious aesthetics of the retro style, it seemed sober in the end. But similar to the fast-growing appeal and results of the modern Aquaracer series, gambling included Carrera Cal’s birthday. The 16th edition will be good as a potential derivative.
To celebrate its 55th anniversary, the Carrera has appeared in a sophisticated Tête de Vipère chronograph tourbillon chronometer with limited edition and a GMT model, both with ultramodern (Hublotian) skeletonised dials and modular suitcases. And that’s exactly why it’s nice to return to the more classic style of these Carrera Caliber 16 models together with a price fake TAG Heuer watches of less than CHF 4,500, which will bring the engines of a younger generation to a higher level.