cheap IWC Doppelchrono Reference 3711 watches

From the first few years of the watch, my admiration for IWC was my generosity. How can best IWC continue to provide reliable complications for a small part of the price from well-known luxury watch brands? I soon discovered that IWC had a small group of watchmakers and engineers who dealt with long-term complications in new ways. Before it became a marketing mogul related to film and sports, IWC was a connoisseur value-oriented brand. He made an eternal calendar, a fractional second of a timer, and even a big complication – he built all these complications on the backbone of the humble Valjoux 7750.
At the time cheap Rolex watches was led by the legendary Günter Blümlein, who in turn took inspiration from the list of watchmakers and believed that lovers correctly thought she was a legend. From then on, just scan the names of IWC patents – Renault, Pappi, Claus, and of course Habrin. For me, from an external perspective, the spirit of achieving cost-effectiveness and simplified progress in traditional watchmaking seems to be ingrained within the company. To this end, we can thank Blümlein and Kurt Klaus who developed the eternal IWC calendar. We can also thank best IWC graduate Richard Habring, whose wife Maria is now operating his watch company in Austria. Today, we may look at the most important watch input by Richard Habring to date: the Ipel Doppelchronograph.

The second chronograph is a chronograph, which itself is a complex mechanism. However, while a normal chronograph can extend one event, a chronograph can provide time for multiple events – or some of them (for example, laps) at a time. In the era of iPhone and digital chronographs, this was a fairly simple and simple task. But before the technological advancement of this electronic product was brought about, this was not the case.
Differently known as the double chronograph, double chasing needle and doppelchronograf, the mechanism was first introduced in 1931 by Thaddeus-Joseph-Winnerla, who in 1838 developed a sex mechanism with the heart of the camera. It was not until 1923 that Patek Philippe made a wrist watch. So far, Patek Philippe continues to create the world’s smallest seizure chronograph in the form of reference materials. 5959.

Chronographs, which are divided into stopwatches, work on traditional chronographs, usually chronographs with cylindrical wheels. Looking in the shield, there is an additional timer second hand that can independently stop the second second chronograph second hand, which can then be “captured” to the second main precision second, usually through a dedicated auxiliary pusher. All of this is possible thanks to the sophisticated mechanism, which consists of an additional wheel located directly above the circle in the center of the chronograph. This is an extra wheel – a minute-by-second circle – sitting between two pliers. The rough surface of the outer side of the minute seconds wheel and the inner side of the pliers realizes a fast and reliable interaction between the surfaces through friction. (Imagine you used a band to double the quarter dollar).

When the timer is turned on, the two wheels are connected to each other and rotate in the same direction as the front. When the chronograph stops, they stop together, and when the chronograph is reset, both wheels are also reset. When the second divisor is activated, both wheels move independently, and when the main timer continues to rotate, the jaws will grab the disengagement wheel and stop. The mechanism consisting of the heart and the roller cam can be used as a “memory” divided into circles of a few seconds to immediately catch up with the central circle of the chronograph at the push of a button.
Like many other IWC complications, copy IWC Doppel’s genius is also used as an easy-to-access – some people may say pedestrian traffic – is the basis for one of the most demanding mechanisms of watchmaking. The design of the Valjoux 7750 was easy to process and assemble from the beginning, with more or less interchangeable parts. Habrin’s invention adopted this philosophy and extended it to traceability. Continuous best IWC is the first cam system to use a chronograph and a rattrapante. And since Habring’s modules use this kind of bullet-proof work, it is also the most durable and shock-proof penny you can buy. We will do our best to solve this problem, but it is enough to show that after the first 25 years, the Calibre 79230 of IWC has proven to be extremely resistant.